Cosmetics market segmentation trend appeared increasing drugstore concept
As the trend of subdivision of the cosmetics market is becoming increasingly apparent, with the prevalence of acid and vitamin C, consumers have a higher expectation for the drug make-up to prevent or assist in the treatment of skin problems. According to the data released by the foresight Industry Research Institute, the domestic drug market is in a fast growing period and is growing at more than 20% per year, and it is expected to reach 78 billion yuan by 2022. At the same time, at the same time, the domestic and foreign brands continue to speed up the layout of the market. At the same time, it is also facing the limitation of sales channels and product technology. In the future, who will show the sharp point in the drug market, and the test of time.

The unique advantage takes up the momentum of the dominant makeup.
As the name implies, it refers to the production of medical cosmetics according to pharmaceutical standards. In general, the prescription of the cosmetic product is completely open and does not contain the recognized allergens. It is mostly natural ingredients to pursue high safety, and it has the effect of preventing or treating some skin diseases. In recent years, as foreign brands have landed in the domestic market, drug makeup has become a hot product. The survey data show that the size of the Chinese drug market reached about 35 billion yuan in 2015, nearly 4 times more than in 2009, and it seems to be imported from China in fact. "Shennong Sutra" has "Red Jade film" and "duckweed paste", including traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of specific skin problems, until 1970s, the United States dermatology scholar AlbertKligman first put forward the concept of drug makeup, explained that it contains drug components, between drugs and cosmetics between. Products, which were popular in foreign countries, began to rage. According to the report issued by market research and industry analysis company, the market share of cosmetics has accounted for more than 60% of the whole cosmetics market in Europe and America.

Environmental pollution, food irregular and self pressure and other factors are increasing, and more and more consumers have a higher level of examination of cosmetics. Facing the increasingly differentiated and differentiated cosmetics market, drug makeup has a good treatment effect with a simple component, and it has also been favored by domestic consumers. According to the British Mint global new product database, the skin care products that have been declared in the "Department of Dermatology test" in China are becoming increasingly popular, and consumers also pay more attention to the endorsement of the product quality by scientific data and professional institutions. At the same time, based on the growth of the drug market year by year, the brand is drawn up in the competition, and also is keen to make use of differential marketing to shape star products. The domestic drug market under the joint effect of market, consumer and brand three parties is late and small. There is still a lot of room to rise in the prospect of the development of the body.
Consumer cognition needs to cultivate the bottleneck of development
As a branch of cosmetics, because of the addition of active substances containing pharmaceutical ingredients, it is defined as a therapeutic effect, which is far more developed than ordinary cosmetics, and is also more favored by consumers with poor skin sensitivity and poor tolerance. In addition to the steady rising trend in market share, there are also a large number of drugstores in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, which have formed a different development style. The United States Department of pharmaceutical makeup and the pursuit of more ingredients and effects, the color of the product, the sense of use and taste have not too much modification, the legal system of legal makeup is a mild and soothing effect, take skin spring as an example, and the hot spring water as the main component to ensure the product low stimulation quality. "From Avene and Vichy, which are well known to consumers, to relatively small group of people such as Phoenix, and so onThis has been dominated by foreign brands. " Deng Haowen, an expert on beauty and skin care products, told the author. Although a lot of local brands with unique pharmacological background also extended the product to the cosmetics in recent years, they wanted to get a piece of the soup, but they failed to stand out in this wave. The cause of "thunder and rain is small" is related to the state of domestic consumers to maintain the state of drug makeup.
The latest report, skin management - China 2018, points out that only 38% of the respondents would rely on cosmetic products to improve skin problems, while 62% of the respondents believed that long-term use of cosmetics would be dependent. It is not difficult to see that domestic consumers are still questioning and cognizant of drug makeup. Local brands want to force in the field of drug makeup, emphasize its safety and mild safety, help maintain the health of the skin, and reduce the dependence of consumers on the stereotype of drug makeup is ten points.
In addition to the differences in the consumer perception of the drug makeup, there is no special approval number and standard for the drug makeup in China to a certain extent, to some extent, it restricts its development. "Many bad businesses on the market claim their products are drug makeup, but the starting point is based on product profit and sales, emphasizing concept or packaging," But not the efficacy, make the drug category more flow in the form, "Deng Haowen told the author," over time, the drug market will be mixed, consumers will have more concerns in the choice. "
Diversification into trend channel transformation to promote growth
Under the restriction of product technology and standard, the domestic pharmaceutical market has not been able to have a strong competitive brand. With the deep understanding of the concept of drug makeup, the development of the market will be more specialized and diversified. Deng Haowen said that in the future, the breakthrough point of the drug product will be from relying on marketing to relying on technology, using security as the core consideration, providing products for consumers from a professional point of view, widening categories and improving the diversification of the structure of the product. On the one hand, it can meet the different needs of the consumer, on the other hand, it can also be used. Let the brand better market penetration. And the original sales channels of pharmacies will also be transformed. The pattern of sales in pharmacies lacks unified management, and there is a deviation between the target consumer group and the cosmetics consumer. No doubt it is worse for the slow development of the pharmaceutical market. "To open, broaden the marketing channels and establish a centralized sale of drug products." Authorized official store or rich online can effectively improve the proportion of sales of makeup products and increase its share in the market.
At the same time, although more and more brands are involved in the field of drugmake-up, their efficacy and safety are gaining more recognition, but as consumers, they still need to be rational in choosing and buying. The essence of the cosmetic is still cosmetic, not drugs. Although it can play a supplementary role in the skin disease, it can not replace the drug. Treatment, overestimate the use of makeup or blindly follow suit is likely to be counterproductive. In addition to the selection of large business super, brand official stores to buy, Deng Haowen also reminded consumers, before choosing the first medicine to consider the skin improvement demands, according to the demand "to the right medicine", suitable products can maximize the efficiency.

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