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With the rise of the era of "her economy", female consumer groups have become one of the most important targets for the development of various industries. Especially for the cosmetics industry, female consumers are not only the dominant group in the beauty market, but also accelerate the update of cosmetics products in their constantly upgraded consumption and skin care concepts and ways. The speed of the iteration. The more stringent product quality management measures, the faster and more efficient product market cycle of the cosmetics enterprises and their products in the rapidly changing market environment are the important indicators for the beauty and makeup enterprises to seize the greater market share and market competitiveness.
In May 22nd, the world's largest twenty-third China beauty fair was held at the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai. The domestic first quality management platform of independent research and development - SaaS platform was presented at the N6 innovation Pavilion. Cycle management services and new breakthroughs.
At the exhibition site, Li Chuang and quality house displayed the unique image of the exhibition with unique technology style and made a unique exhibition booth. Li Chuang quality home to the scene audience show the SaaS quality management platform creative laboratory information management system, artificial intelligence record testing, Taobao standardized short video assistant, record file 59 seconds automatic generation and other services, attracting the scene of the popular stream of people, and won the high praise of the audience. At the same time, by virtue of the high technology strength of Li Chuang quality family, the leaders of Zhongshan and Shantou cosmetics industry association have come to the quality house, appreciate the charm of the new technology of the quality management platform, and explore the new breakthrough in the development of the United States with the quality family.

The leaders of the Shantou association come to the guidance of the quality house
For the cosmetics enterprises, the production and marketing cycle and product quality of the products affect the overall operation and development of the enterprise. Therefore, optimizing the production and sales system of the products has become the most important part of the enterprise development. The value of the SaaS quality management platform of the quality home is now fully optimized in the industrial chain of the enterprise.
As a specialist in cosmetics cycle management, Li Chuang quality family not only provides many aspects of management scheme in the production and marketing of enterprises, but also provides service for optimizing and improving the efficiency of the enterprise. At the same time, it also creates more open and personalized consumer service and experience for the beautiful makeup consumers.
From the analysis of enterprise benefits, the record assistant of Li Chuang quality family needs only one product picture, that is, the results of generating full set of records in 59 seconds are shocking. SaaS artificial intelligence system can help enterprises effectively shorten the period of 5-15 days of product listing, and use open creative laboratories to guarantee from the source of production. The quality of products, to provide consumers with solid product protection.
In addition, from the consumer's consumption scene, Li Chuang quality family has developed a Taobao style short video camera platform, with the new consumer experience of product video display and intelligent order, subverting the display and purchase model of traditional American products and providing more exquisite shopping services for consumers.
The fair is the first tour of the fair in the Yangtze River Delta market. Is the new "cosmetics product cycle management" concept and a series of product technical services hot? We can work together to achieve the dream factory of the United States.

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